Heavy-Duty Airplane Hangar Floor Coating

Airplane hangars have a unique building requirements that, as one of the leading epoxy floor coating providers, we understand. Our steel hangar flooring, unlike the traditional airplane hangar floor coatings, possesses extreme strength and durability that facilitates a particularly rigorous hangar setting

A hangar floor coating must be made to put up with the harsh aviation fuels, corrosive liquids, lubricants, cleaners, and waxes that are present in air hangars. We provide you with hangar floor coatings that maintain their integrity without breaking down. The hangar coatings are super easy to clean and maintain with the spills and messes, hardly interfering with their functionality.

Scratch-Resistant Airplane Hangar Floor Coating

The non-skid properties of our hangar floor coating promote a high level of reflectivity and visibility. Even when heavy equipment is dropped or dragged on the surface, it withstands the wear and tears, and scuffs due to the high-quality chemical formulation.

With the white hangar floors, we introduce UV inhibitors that reduce the change of coloring that usually white hangars experience. Once we have performed an extensive evaluation of your hangar site, we come up with the best epoxy floor coating solutions that ensure functionality and durability.

Our unparalleled ability to provide you with beautiful and sturdy epoxy floor coatings make us your best floor coatings provider for all your residential and commercial needs.